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Bayview Peat Products
21 – 23 Ferry Road,
County Tyrone,
Northern Ireland.
BT71 4QT


Bayview is a family business that has been supplying the growing media throughout Ireland and the UK for over 40 years.

All our Peat is harvested from areas which are not designated sites of scientific or scenic interests.

Bayview Peat Supplies have been manufacturers and suppliers of Irish Moss Peat and multi-purpose compost. We supply garden centres and retail outlets throughout Ireland and UK. Our range of products include multi-purpose compost, Irish Moss Peat, Bark and Topsoil.

Services And Products

  • Multi Purpose Compost 80 Litre, 40 Litre, 20 Litre
  • 3 Plant Growing bag
  • Irish Moss Peat: 300 Litre, 200 Litre, 100 Litre, 80 Litre, (Bulk Peat also available)
  • Topsoil: 25 Litre
  • John Innes: 25kg no 1, 2, 3.
  • Seed and potting compost: 75 Litre

All Other Special Mixes Available On Request.

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  • Established Since: 1975
  • Turf & soil supplies

Why Choose Bayview Peat Products?

  • All our Peat is harvested from areas which are not designated sites of scientific or scenic interests.
  • Delivery to all of the UK and Ireland
  • Ideal for a wide range of plants & general garden use
  • Great service and delivery
  • Top quality product
  • Great prices

Compost For Sowing And Cuttings:

For sowing, compost should first be leveled, lightly pressed and watered in the tray, before seeds are sown. Sowing should be done thinly and evenly, seeds covered over with compost and lightly firmed. Very small seeds do not need covering.

Seed trays ought to be covered over with glass or polyethylene to keep in moisture. Trays should not be in direct sunlight until the seeds begin to shoot.

When seedlings are large enough to be handled they should be transplanted into larger trays/pots, always being handled by their leaves (not their stems), gently firmed and watered thoroughly. Cuttings should be placed, firmed and watered similarly for best results. Also keep cuttings in warm and moist conditions.